Remote Setup Information

Installing SQL Server

Installing SQL Server

Remote Setup Information

Remote setup information is required to define security in two different setup situations:

  • When you choose to install Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 on a remote computer.

  • When Setup is run on a computer that is part of a cluster, even if you are not creating or maintaining a failover cluster installation of SQL Server.

For a remote installation, SQL Server Setup collects the information you enter in Setup dialog boxes, recording the entries into the Setup.iss file. At the same time, the remote setup process starts a remote service, copies files to the \admin$ share directory, and runs an unattended installation on the remote computer using the options specified in Setup.iss.

For clustered computers, the Remote Setup Information box is displayed because any installation on a failover cluster system needs the administrator account to install Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator on both nodes, or to verify the presence of MS DTC. Administrator information must be entered that is valid for all selected nodes in the failover cluster system.


Username, Password, and Domain

Specify the user account under which SQL Server Setup starts a service on the remote computer. This user account must be an administrator on the remote computer and have read access to the Setup source files directory.

Do not confuse the user account entered on this screen with:

  • The user account logged on to the local computer.

  • The user account assigned in SQL Server Setup to the SQL Server and SQL Server Agent services.

Each of these user accounts is specified separately. However, you can use the same user information in each case. That is, you can use the same name, password, and Windows domain for each account.

Target computer

The name of the remote computer entered in the Computer Name dialog box is shown in static text.

Target path

The name of the remote computer and, in Universal Naming Convention format, the directory on the remote computer where SQL Server is to be installed. For example:

\\target_computer\C$\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server

Setup Source Files

Location of the setup program files used for the remote installation.

To perform a remote installation