Installing a Remote Configuration

Installing SQL Server

Installing SQL Server

Installing a Remote Configuration

Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 can be installed on a remote computer, that is, a computer other than the one on which Setup is running. Before performing a remote installation:

  • Ensure that the local and remote computers are running Microsoft Windows NT® or Windows® 2000.

  • Ensure that the local and remote computers have an Intel®-compatible processor.

  • Ensure that you are logged on to the local computer with a user account that has administrative privileges on the remote computer.

A remote setup is much like a normal installation, with two additional dialog boxes:

  • The Remote Setup Information dialog box, which is also used when Setup is run on a computer that is part of a cluster. For more information, see Remote Setup Information.

  • The Select Computer dialog box, which allows you to select a remote computer from the list of computers within the connected domains. The list may include computers not available for this installation, because permission must be granted before installing on a remote computer.

    A computer network name may be entered instead of choosing from the list.

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