TortoiseCVS User's Guide


TortoiseCVS User's Guide

Version 1.8.0

Ben Campbell

Martin Crawford

Hartmut Honisch

Francis Irving

Torsten Martinsen

Ian Dees

1. Getting Started
What is CVS?
What is TortoiseCVS?
Where to Begin?
2. Basic Usage of TortoiseCVS
Checking out a Module
Windows Explorer and TortoiseCVS
Total Commander and TortoiseCVS
Updating your Sandbox
Committing your Changes to the Repository
Resolving Conflicts
Adding Files and Directories to the Repository
3. Advanced Usage of TortoiseCVS
Creating a New Repository or Module
Watch, Edit and Unedit
Tagging and Labeling
Reverting to an Older Version of a File
Branching And Merging
Creating a Branch
Selecting a Branch to Work On
Merging from a Branch
Going Back to the Head Branch
Binary and Unicode Detection
File Revision History
History Dialog
Revision Graph Dialog
Web Log
Making a Patch File
4. Customizing TortoiseCVS
Overlay Icons
Selecting a Different Set of Overlay Icons
Changing how the Overlay Icons Work
5. Command Reference for TortoiseCVS
Installing TortoiseCVS
Obtaining a Working Copy: CVS Checkout...
Getting Other People's Changes: CVS Update
CVS Update Special...
Making Your Changes Available to Others: CVS Commit...
Adding New Files: CVS Add and CVS Add Contents...
Discarding Obsolete Files: CVS Remove
Finding Out What Has Changed: CVS Diff...
Making a Snapshot: CVS Tag...
Lines of Development: CVS Branch...
CVS Merge...
CVS Make New Module
Watching And Locking
Finding Out Who to Blame: CVS Annotate
Showing More Information: CVS Explorer Columns
Keyboard Shortcuts
How Web Log Autodetects the Server URL
6. Dialog Reference for TortoiseCVS
Add Dialog
Checkout Dialog
Update Special Dialog
Commit Dialog
Branch Dialog
Make New Module Dialog
Progress Dialog
Tag Dialog
Preferences Dialog
Merge Dialog
History Dialog
Revision Graph Dialog
About Dialog
7. Articles, Tips and Tricks
Using TortoiseCVS with SourceForge
How CVS Differs from Microsoft Visual Source Safe
Creating new icons for TortoiseCVS
Creating a new locale (translation) for TortoiseCVS
Using PuTTY sessions
Using Pageant to avoid having to enter the SSH password every time
8. Resources
2.1. Icon Overlays
2.2. Right-Click Context