Table of Contents

PhotoGrav 3.0

End User License Agreement


Chapter 1:  Getting Started

1.0  Using this Document

1.1  System Requirements

1.2  Preliminaries

1.3  Installation / Setup

1.4  Activation System & Licensing

1.5  Quick Start Scenarios

1.6  Additional Tutorial Scenarios

Chapter 2:  Operational Overview

2.0  Introduction

2.1  Functional Flow of Events

2.2  Basic PhotoGrav Concepts

2.3  Important PhotoGrav Information

Chapter 3:   PhotoGrav Application

3.0  Introduction

3.1  PhotoGrav Sessions

3.2  Primary Toolbar

3.3  Viewing Panes and Panels

3.4  Interactive Mode 

3.5  Cloning—Comparison of Results

3.6  Machine Properties

3.7  Automatic Updates

Chapter 4:  Troubleshooting

4.0  Introduction 

4.1  Solutions to PhotoGrav Problems 

4.2  Technical Support

Appendix 1:   Engraving Tips

A1.0  Introduction 

A1.1  Solutions to PhotoGrav Problems 

   (1)   Increasing the contrast on Cherry (or Maple) wood plaques. 

  (2)   Engraving photos on Walnut wood plaques. 

   (3)   Engraving photos on Oak wood plaques. 

  (4)   Engraving photos on Acrylic. 

   (5)   More ideas for engraving photos on Acrylic. 

   (6)   Engraving photos on Black Anodized Aluminum. 

   (7)   Engraving photos on Corian brand solid surfacing materials. 

   (8)   Engraving photos on Spectrum Lights marking material. 

   (9)   Engraving photos on coated Laser Brass, black or colors. 

 (10)  Reducing the white/frosty appearance of some wood engravings. 

 (11)  Engraving photos on Vinyl wrapped particle board plaques. 

Appendix 2:  Calculational Procedure for “Turn Time”

Appendix 3:  PhotoGrav and Clip Art

Appendix 4:  PhotoGrav Concepts and Design