File Menu Commands

PhotoGrav 3.0

File  Menu  Commands

The File menu offers the following commands:

New Session Creates a new PhotoGrav Session document.
Open Session... Opens an existing PhotoGrav Session document.
Close Session Closes an opened PhotoGrav Session document.
Save Session Saves an opened PhotoGrav Session document using the same file name.
Save Session As... Saves an opened PhotoGrav Session document to a specified file name.

Open Image... Opens a PhotoGrav supported image.
Save Image... Saves one or more of the four PhotoGrav Session images.

Print... Prints a document.
Print Setup... Selects a printer and printer connection.
Print Preview... Displays the document on the screen as it would appear printed.

System Defaults    Set Default System Values.
Select Material... Selects the Default Material for any NEW Sessions.
Select Machine... Selects the Default Machine type for any NEW Sessions.

Hide Lower Panel Hides the lower information panel.
Hide Primary  Toolbar Hides the Primary toolbar.
Hide Small Toolbar Hides the Small toolbar.

Show Progress Bar Shows the progress in Interactive Mode by Default
Auto Preview Selects the Auto Preview by Default
Maximize Power Sets the Default to attempt to maximize the Power.
Maximize Speed Sets the Default to attempt to maximize the Speed.
Always Save Image with Session Selects to Save the Source image with each Session.

Message Alerts ON/OFF                
Show 'Image/Machine DPI Mismatch  
Show 'Save Image Successfully'  
Show 'Select Machine on Session Open'  

Exit Exits the Application.