Hardware Asset


Hardware Asset

The Hardware Assets table contains the list of all previously configured hardware assets. Select the appropriate hardware asset for this driver session. If the Simulate option under the General tab is checked, select None for the hardware asset.

To add a new hardware asset to the list, click Add, Enter the name of the instrument in the Name field (for example, fl45), and press <Enter> on the keyboard. Then populate the Resource Descriptor field (for example, GPIB::5::INSTR) and the Description field.

The Hardware Assets table contains the following fields:

  • Name–Double-click to enter or modify the name of the hardware asset. Check the box next to the name of the default asset.
  • Resource Descriptor–Select a resource descriptor from the drop-down list or enter a valid resource descriptor for the hardware asset in this box. A resource descriptor is a string, such as a VISA resource descriptor, that specifies the interface and the address of a hardware asset. Examples of valid resource descriptors are listed in the following table.
    Note  The resource descriptor list is populated from the Devices and Interfaces category. If your device is not listed, go to Devices and Interfaces and configure it.

    DAQ::1::INSTR (Traditional DAQ)
    PXI1Slot5 (NI-DAQmx)
  • Description–Double-click to enter or modify the description for the item you are configuring.