Configurator - Introduction

DeviceNet Measurement & Automation Explorer

Introduction to NI-DNET Configurator

NI-DNET Configurator is a powerful DeviceNet configuration tool with Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) support. It replaces the previous SimpleWho utility.

NI-DNET Configurator can search a DeviceNet network to find information about connected devices, load the related EDS files automatically, read and write the device parameters, and change a device MAC ID. The configurator also helps you develop DeviceNet applications by providing device information.

For more information, refer to the following sections:

  • Getting Started—To become familiar with NI-DNET Configurator, complete the short getting started tutorial. To develop a DeviceNet application right away, refer to 6. Develop DeviceNet Applications.
  • NI-DNET Configurator Environment—Refer to this section for descriptions of the windows, menus, and toolbar.
  • Using NI-DNET Configurator—Refer to this section to perform a specific task such as refreshing the device list.
  • FAQ—Refer to this section for answers to frequently asked questions.