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DeviceNet Measurement & Automation Explorer

Launch and Exit NI-DNET Analyzer

Launch NI-DNET Analyzer

Complete the following steps to launch NI-DNET Analyzer:

  1. Launch Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).
  2. In MAX, select your CAN card under My System»Devices and Interfaces.
  3. Right-click the CAN card and select Protocol to change the protocol to DeviceNet. (Refer to Protocol Dialog Box for more information.)
  4. Right-click the port and select Properties to set the DeviceNet interface properties. (Refer to Port Properties Dialog Box for more information.)
  5. Right-click the port and select Analyzer to launch the analyzer.
  6. The analyzer prompts you to select Monitor the Network or Open an Existing Log File.

    If you select Monitor the Network, the analyzer starts capture automatically.

    If you select Open an Existing Log File, you can specify a .dcap file to load previously captured data.

Exit NI-DNET Analyzer

Select File»Exit to close the analyzer.

Note  When the analyzer exits, the current display and filter settings are saved automatically. They are loaded automatically the next time you launch the analyzer.