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DeviceNet Measurement & Automation Explorer

Detailed Decoding Results Window

The Detailed Decoding Results window displays detailed decoding results of a selected packet. This window displays the following information:

  • Raw Data
    • Arbitration ID
    • Data(Hex)

    Refer to Packet List Window for more information.

  • IDs
    • Group ID
    • Message ID
    • Source MAC ID
    • Destination MAC ID

    Refer to Packet List Window for more information.

  • Details
    • Description—The full description of the captured packet.
    • The analyzer shows a more meaningful description instead of the abbreviated keywords in the Packet List window.

      Refer to DeviceNet Message Descriptions for all packet descriptions.

    • Fragmented
      • Yes—A fragmented message.
      • No—A nonfragmented message.
      • N/A—Fragmented information is not available.
    • Parameters—Type-specific information.
    • For example, the type-specific information of a duplicate MAC ID check message includes Physical Port Number, Vendor ID, and Serial Number.

Refer to View Decoding Results for the details of related operations.