What is Voice Capture Server Client?

IPFX Voice Capture Server Client

What is Voice Capture Server Client?

What is Voice Capture Server Client?

Voice Capture Server Client is the application that allows an administrator to retrieve and playback recorded calls from the Voice Capture Server.

Legal Statement

It is very important that you read the appropriate privacy laws in your country to understand exactly what the legal requirements are for recording phone calls.

In general, both your staff and your customers must be aware the the call is being recorded.

Hardware Requirements

The computer hosting the Voice Capture Server Client must have Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or greater. Recorded conversations are played back over the computer speakers and therefore you must have DirectX 8.0 or greater installed. You also need to have read access to the archive directory on the main IPFX Voice Capture Server.

Note: In order for Supervisors to have access to Voice Capture archives, the Call Recording Access user-feature must be turned of for the Supervisor level.

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