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IGlimpseConfiguration Members Glimpse API Documentation

The IGlimpseConfiguration type exposes the following members.


Public propertyClientScripts
Gets the client scripts.
Public propertyDefaultResource
Gets the default resource.
Public propertyDefaultRuntimePolicy
Gets the default runtime policy.
Public propertyEndpointBaseUri
Gets the endpoint base URI.
Public propertyFrameworkProvider
Gets the framework provider.
Public propertyHtmlEncoder
Gets the HTML encoder.
Public propertyInspectors
Gets the inspectors.
Public propertyLogger
Gets the logger.
Public propertyMessageBroker
Gets the message broker.
Public propertyPersistenceStore
Gets the persistence store.
Public propertyProxyFactory
Gets the proxy factory.
Public propertyResourceEndpoint
Gets the resource endpoint.
Public propertyResources
Gets the resources.
Public propertyRuntimePolicies
Gets the runtime policies.
Public propertyRuntimePolicyStrategy
Gets or sets the runtime policy strategy.
Public propertySerializer
Gets the serializer.
Public propertyTabs
Gets the tabs.
Public propertyTimerStrategy
Gets or sets the timer strategy.
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