Glimpse.Core.Message Namespace

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Glimpse.Core.Message Namespace Glimpse API Documentation
All messages for use with the Glimpse message broker are defined within this namespace.

  Class Description
Public class MessageBase
Public class SourceMessageExtension
Extension methods for populating ISourceMessage instances.
Public class TimedMessageExtension
Extension methods for populating ITimedMessage instances.
Public class TimelineCategory
Definition for a timeline category.
Public class TimelineMessage
Options that can used for timeline events.
Public class TimelineMessageExtension
Public class TraceMessage

  Interface Description
Public interface IMessage
The definition of a simple message, which contains unique Id.
Public interface ISourceMessage
The definition of a message which is published from a proxy implementation.
Public interface ITimedMessage
The definition of a message which is published with execution timing information.
Public interface ITimelineMessage
Public interface ITraceMessage