Glimpse.Core.Framework Namespace

Glimpse API

Glimpse.Core.Framework Namespace Glimpse API Documentation
All types for integrating Glimpse with a .NET web development frameowrk are defined within this namespace.

  Class Description
Public class ApplicationPersistenceStore
An IPersistenceStore which stores Glimpse request and configuration data in application store.
Public class CastleDynamicProxyFactory
An implementation of IProxyFactory which leverages OnlineCastle DynamicProxy.
Public class Factory
The main bootstrapper for Glimpse, Factory (or its derived types) is responsible for instantiating all required configurable types.
Public class GlimpseConfiguration
Contains all configuration required by IGlimpseRuntime instances to execute.
Public class GlimpseException
A custom exception thrown for unrecoverable Glimpse issues.
Public class GlimpseMetadata
A class which describes Glimpse system metadata, as required by a client.
Public class GlimpseRequest
A class which describes a given Http request, along with the corresponding tab data gathered for that request.
Public class GlimpseRequestHeaders
Used to return a subset of GlimpseRequest properties by HistoryResource.
Public class GlimpseRuntime
The heart and soul of Glimpse. The runtime coordinate all input from a IFrameworkProvider, persists collected runtime information and writes responses out to the IFrameworkProvider.
Protected class GlimpseRuntime RuntimeMessage
The message used to to track the beginning and end of Http requests.
Public class ReflectionDiscoverableCollection T 
An implementation of IDiscoverableCollection T  which uses .NET reflection to find and load types.
Public class ResourceEndpointConfiguration
Defines methods to implement a resource endpoint configuration.
Public class ResourceParameters
A class which contains all the parameters, whether named or ordered, needed to execute a resource.
Public class TabMetadata
Contains any metadata associated with a given tab.
Public class TabResult
Contains the results of executing an ITab, along with its key.

  Interface Description
Public interface IDiscoverableCollection T 
Defines methods to self discover collection content.
Public interface IFrameworkProvider
Defines methods to required to implement a Glimpse framework provider. Framework providers allow Glimpse to work generically against any .NET based web development framework.
Public interface IGlimpseConfiguration
Defines properties to provide access to system providers, stores, collections, factories, etc.
Public interface IGlimpseRuntime
Defines methods to implement the Glimpse runtime
Public interface IPersistenceStore
Defines methods to implement a store that Glimpse can use to persist requests.
Public interface IReadOnlyPersistenceStore
Defines methods to implement a read only store that Glimpse can use to retrieve requests and system metadata.
Public interface IRequestMetadata
Defines properties that describe the metadata associated with a request
Public interface IServiceLocator
Defines methods to implement a service locator

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CacheSetting
The OnlineEnum providing type safe access to cache directives as defined in OnlineSection 14.9 of RFC 2616.