LoggingLevel Enumeration

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LoggingLevel Enumeration Glimpse API Documentation
LoggingLevel defines the level of output detail to be written to the Glimpse log.

Namespace: Glimpse.Core.Configuration
Assembly: Glimpse.Core (in Glimpse.Core.dll) Version: (1.0.1)


public enum LoggingLevel
public enum LoggingLevel

  Member nameValueDescription
Trace0 The Trace level is the most detailed level of output in Glimpse.
Debug1 The Debug level contains debugging information, and is less detailed than trace.
Info2 The Info level contains common information messages.
Warn3 The Warn level contains warning messages, typically for non-critical issues, which can be recovered or which are temporary failures.
Error4 The Error level contains error messages that Glimpse was able to recover from.
Fatal5 The Fatal level contains error messages that Glimpse was unable to recover from.
Off6 The Off level contains no messages. When the logging level is Off, Glimpse will not even create a log file.
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