RuntimePolicy Enumeration

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RuntimePolicy Enumeration Glimpse API Documentation
Used to describe what operations Glimpse is allowed to perform during a Http request/response.

Namespace: Glimpse.Core.Extensibility
Assembly: Glimpse.Core (in Glimpse.Core.dll) Version: (1.0.1)


public enum RuntimePolicy
public enum RuntimePolicy

  Member nameValueDescription
Off1Off allows Glimpse to perform any operations on a Http request/response.
ExecuteResourceOnly3ExecuteResourceOnly allows Glimpse to only respond to IResource requests. This mode is effectively a special type of Off.
PersistResults4PersistResults allows Glimpse to write request metadata to current IPersistenceStore instance.
ModifyResponseHeaders12ModifyResponseHeaders allows Glimpse to write custom Http headers and set cookies on the Http response.
ModifyResponseBody28ModifyResponseBody allows Glimpse to write to the Http response body.
DisplayGlimpseClient60DisplayGlimpseClient allows Glimpse to write the Glimpse JavaScript client <script> tag to the Http response body.
On60On allows Glimpse to run all operations against an Http request/response.
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