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Definition for an object which will be represented in the UI as a Tab. To operate you simply need to implement this interface and return an object graph that you would like to view.

When returning data, you can either return the object which represents the Glimpse protocol or return a typed view model. It is recommended that you use typed view models, as it is this object that will be stored in by the Data Store. If this is done, it means that these typed objects can be queried at a latter stage. That said, if you are after simplicity, you can return objects in the shape the Glimpse Protocol requires.

If you do decide to work with a typed view model you can convert this into an objects in the shape the Glimpse Protocol by implementing ISerializationConverter targeting the type of the view model.

Alternatively, if you after simplicity and return an object which represents the Glimpse protocol, you can use TabObject and TabSection as helpers.

Additional functionality can be injected into via additionally implementing the following interfaces: - : Key that will be used to identify the tab within the client. - : URI that will describe where the documentation for the tab can be found. - : Control how the layout of the content should look. - : Allows tab to inject any hooks it needs within the system. - : Allow complex objects to be converted into the Glimpse protocol.

Namespace: Glimpse.Core.Extensibility
Assembly: Glimpse.Core (in Glimpse.Core.dll) Version: (1.0.1)


public interface ITab
public interface ITab
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