6 2 Linux host

LANSA Communication Set Up

6.2 Linux host

The listener job will handle all connection requests from clients connecting to the same LANSA installation.

Note: The environment variables in the root user's shell (LANSAXROOT, ORACLE_SID, etc.) at the time the listener is started are inherited by the listener and all session jobs.

If you have more than one LANSA installation on the same machine, it is possible to run multiple listener jobs, but care must be taken in the setup to ensure the session job will run as expected.

In particular:

  • You must separate the lansa.ini, lroute.dat, trace and log files for each listener. The easiest way to do this is to put them in the LANSAXROOT directory for each LANSA installation. Refer to Using lansa.ini to Change Default File Locations for details.
  • You must use a different port number for each listener. For example, use port 4545 for your production system, and port 4546 for your training system.
  • Create a script to start (and stop) each listener. This will allow appropriate values, such as LANSAXROOT and the listener port number, to be set explicitly in one place. Refer to Running the Listener Job on the Linux Server for details on starting and stopping the listener.

Setup on the Client(s)

On each client you need to change the host route record connection identifier to connect to the appropriate port number.