1 Administrator Tasks

LANSA Client Administrator

1. Administrator Tasks

Before LANSA Client can be used, a LANSA Client environment must be added to the LANSA Client directory of each PC on which LANSA Client is to be used. This task is normally the responsibility of the LANSA Client Administrator.

A LANSA Client environment is a file containing a list of the hosts to which the client workstation can be connected and the options to be used as defaults during a connection to that host.

The LANSA Client environment is created and updated using the LANSA Client Administrator.

A LANSA Client environment can be created on any workstation (whether or not LANSA Client is installed) and copied to the workstation on which LANSA Client will be used. Therefore the Administrator does not need to be installed with LANSA Client on every workstation.

You do not need to be connected to a host system when using the LANSA Client Administrator.

Note: Whenever you add or change a LANSA Client environment, before you can use the new options, you must start a new session by closing and opening LANSA Client.

Further Information

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