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Universal Reader Assistant

Troubleshooting Table

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Table 5: Common Problems and Solutions

Problem Path to Solution
Cannot connect to reader

• Verify the hostname, IP address or COM port is correct. See the hardware specific guide for more details on setting up a connection.

• For the M6 and Astra-EX the reader control communicate uses the LLRP interface which uses network port 5084. Verify 5084 is not being blocked by the network firewall.

Reader is not reading tags

• Verify known good Gen2 tags are near the reader antenna.

• Try modifying the Performance Tuning Options to force tags to respond more frequently.

• Check antenna cables on reader

• Increase the Read Power setting in Performance Tuning Options

Reader error LED stays on

Following Collecting Diagnostic Data for ThingMagic Support and send to support.

Read “Performance” is slow

Performance, as it relates to tag reading, is very usecase dependent. Typically, it comes down to whether you are trying to read lots of tags once or a few tags repeatedly. If the reader settings aren?t correct for your usecase the performance will appear poor.

• Use the Performance Tuning Options to modify the settings for your usecase.

• See the MercuryAPI Programmer’s Guide | Performance Tuning section for details about Gen2 settings and try using the Advanced Performance Tuning options directly.

Errors after a Firmware Upgrade

• If the upgrade was of the M6 from v4.7 to a newer version make sure to read the Release Notes of the newer version. There are special steps that must be taken to make that upgrade.

• Try reinstalling the firmware and restarting URA.