Basic Reading - Tag Results Grid

Universal Reader Assistant

Tag Results Grid

Navigation Path: Basic Reading > Tag Results Grid

As shown in Figure 5, the default displayed tag results show the following columns of data:

  • # - The order each tag was read.
  • EPC - The EPC ID of the tag, typically 96-bits of data shown in Hex.
  • Timestamp - The timestamp when the tag was last seen during this query.
  • RSSI - The receive signal strength of the tag response, in dBm.
  • ReadCount - The number of times the tag was read on [Antenna].

In addition to the above fields, additional fields can be displayed using the Display Options settings. These include:

  • Antenna - the number of the antenna over which the tag was read.
  • Frequency - the channel the reader was on when the tag was read, displayed in kHz (e.g. "915750").
  • Phase - The phase, from 0 to 180 degrees, between the outgoing carrier and the signal reflected back by the tag.
  • Protocol - Protocol used when the tag was read. (e.g. "Gen2", "ISO18000-6B", "IPX64", ATA etc). (Protocols are selected in the "Read/Write Options" panel. If only "Gen2" is displayed, then you have not applied the appropriate license to the module to read additional protocols.)

If "Antenna" or "Frequency" are chosen, each combination of EPC, Antenna, and Frequency will be displayed on a separate line in the Tag Results Grid.

Clicking on a column header will reorder the displayed tags based on that field.