Universal Reader Assistant


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This document explains how to use the Universal Reader Assistant (URA) application, version 3.1 and later, for testing and performance tuning ThingMagic reader products. This User Guide was written for version 2.8.16, which is distributed with MercuryAPI version 1.29.1.

URA is written using the high level MercuryAPI in C# .NET. All the source code for URA is available as part of the MercuryAPI SDK. The MercuryAPI supports Java, .NET and C programming environments. The MercuryAPI Software Development Kit (SDK) contains additional sample applications and source code to help developers get started demoing and developing functionality. For more information on the MercuryAPI see the MercuryAPI Programmers Guide and the MercuryAPI SDK, available on the ThingMagic website.

This document assume you have read the corresponding Hardware Guide for the specific ThingMagic reader being connected to and understand how the reader is connected.

Note: Many features in URA v2.4 and beyond will not work with Astra. For use with Astra it is recommended you request an older version of URA from ThingMagic.

Note: Many of the early screen captures shown in this manual do not show all the tab options that were added later. As of this writing, the complete list of tabs are: "Tag Results", "Write EPC", "Tag Inspector", "User Memory", "Lock Tag", "Untraceable", and "Authenticate". Although not shown in every screen capture, they are fully explained in the appropriate section.