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Universal Reader Assistant

Collecting Diagnostic Data for ThingMagic Support

Navigation Path: Troubleshooting > Collecting Diagnostic Data for ThingMagic Support

When experience problems connecting to readers or performing RF (reading, writing) operations it will be necessary to gather the following information to help diagnose the problem. This information will often be the first thing requested when reporting a problem to ThingMagic support.

1. Transport Logging: Follow the steps to collect transport logs.

2. Collect the Error Log saved in [Windows Start menu] | Documents | URA | tmrlog_[timestamp].txt

3. Reader Serial Number: See the 2d barcode label.

4. Reader Diagnostics

5. Boot Logs (if using a networked reader): Follow the process for collecting boot logs described in the hardware user guide, reboot the reader and save the full output from the console.

6. Physical Configuration: any details available about the number and types of antennas connected, cables used, power supply, etc. and tags being used.

7. Environment: any details about the physical environment the M6 and Astra-EX is being used/tested in. Temperature, humidity, vehicle mounted, office, etc.