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Universal Reader Assistant

Display Option

Navigation Path: Settings/Status > Display Option

This sections allows the content and behavior of the Tag Results Grid to be configured. It contains the following options:

Table 4: Display Option

Setting Description
Font Size Set the font size used in the Tag Results Grid. Smaller fonts enable more rows to be visible.
Tag Aging When enabled (checked) the row of a tag will progress through multiple shades of gray as it “ages”, i.e. hasn?t been re-read in subsequent inventory rounds.
Refresh Rate For most applications, leave this at its default value of 100 ms. If URA is used to read a large tag population (greater than 150 tags) over a very long period of time, the URA refresh rate should be changed to 999 msec. This gives the “garbage collection” routine enough time to prevent memory leakage.
Tag Results Column

Additional Columns of tag read meta data can be selected (click check-box in drop-down menu) to be displayed:

  • Antenna - The antenna on with the tag was read. If the same tag is read on more than one antenna there will be a tag entry for each antenna on which the tag was read.
  • Protocol - The protocol of the tag.
  • Frequency - The frequency on which the tag was read, in kHz.
  • Phase - Average phase of tag response in degrees (0°-180°)i>
  • TagReadData<B> - The data read when the Tag Data Settings | Read Data option is selected. If the tag doesn?t have the requested data "Read Data failed" will be returned.
TimeStamp Format Select timestamp format to be displayed.
Big Num Selection Settings to optionally display various summary information, while querying, in a big number format.