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Tag Inspector

Navigation Path: Tag Operations > Tag Inspector

The Tag Inpector tab allows the full contents of a tag's memory banks to be displayed in context.

Once the tag to operate on has been set the Tag Inspector will read the full contens of all the memory banks of the tag, as long as they exist and are not read-locked and display them as shown in Figure 13.

The Tag Inspector is a useful tool to learn about the varied contents of a Gen2 RFID tagand the meaning of data in specific memory locations. It can also be used as a debugging tool to verify expected contents on specific tags that might be behaving inconsistently. For example, checking to make sure the tag is of the same type (TID Vendor and Model) as other tags in use or verifying expected memory banks exist, are readable and have the expected contents.

Note : In general the most reliable way to select a tag for inspection is by performing a Read with an Embedded Read TID on full TID contents, then right-clicking on theData cell for the desired tag to Select on its TID value.

Tag Inspector

Figure 13: Tag Inspector