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Poker Tracker symbols (Version 3)

  • for the chair of the aggressor, e.g. pt_icon_raischair. This situation is one of the most common needs for PokerTracker stats.
  • for a single opponent headsup, e.g. pt_icon_headsup
  • to identify certain players by their preflop-position use the postfixes smallblind, bigblind, dealer, cutoff, user.
  • besides of that you can use firstcaller, lastcaller and firstraiser. They work for the current orbit only.
  • by chair number, e.g pt_icon0..pt_icon9: this is more complex and less convenient than both methods above, but you get the ability to build any advanced stat on your own as long as you are able to identify the chair of your villain.

Summary :

  • You need to use the prefix “pt_”.
  • Then add the symbol name.
  • Finally add one of those postfix:
    • _raischair
    • _headsup
    • _smallblind
    • _bigblind
    • _dealer
    • _cutoff
    • _firstcaller
    • _lastcaller
    • _firstraiser
    • _dealer
    • _user
    • the chair number between 0 and 9
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