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OpenPPL In Practice

If you have read this manual up to this point you have some basic understanding of OpenPPL: syntactical rules, symbols, etc. But the main thing — turning your poker-knowledge into bot-logic --- may look like a different kind of beast, if you have no programming experience at all. So let us take some small examples and see how OpenPPL is used in practice.

Folding Trash

    // Trashy hands. 
    // Never to be played, except we are in the blinds
    K8s K7s K6s K5s K4s K3s K2s Q7s...
    K8o ... 32o
    // Make life easy and get rid of the greatest trash
    WHEN NOT In BigBlind AND list_of_biggest_trash Fold FORCE

Open-Raising On The Button

WHEN StillToAct = 2 AND Calls = 0 AND Raises = 0
    WHEN hand$AA OR Hand$KK OR ... RaiseTo 3 FORCE

Threebetting A Steal-Raiser

// LastRaiserPosition <= 3 means: CO, BU or SB
WHEN Calls = 0 AND Raises = 1 AND LastRaiserPosition <= 3
    WHEN AmountToCall <= 3 AND list... RaiseTo 9 FORCE


    WHEN Bets = 0 AND BotIsLastRaiser
        WHEN Opponents = 1 AND Random < 80 BetHalfPot FORCE
        WHEN Opponents = 2 AND Position = Last RaiseBy 66% FORCE

Effective StackSize

    // First orbit preflop only, as it uses MaxStillToActStackSize
    WHEN StackSize > MaxStillToActStackSize RETURN MaxStillToActStackSize FORCE
    WHEN Others RETURN StackSize FORCE

Push/Folding In A SNG

// Going into push-fold-mode when stacksizes are small
// But be careful!
// We don’t want to push loosely if something is wrong with the stacksize,
// e.g. because the table was occluded, so we check, if it is non-zero.
WHEN EffectiveStacksize > 0 AND EffectiveStacksize <= 13
    WHEN Calls = 0 AND Raises = 0 AND (Hand$... RaiseMax FORCE

Detecting A Limp-Raise

// First action preflop
WHEN BotsActionsOnThisRound = 0 AND Calls >= 1 AND Raises = 0  
    // FirstCallerPosition is limited to first orbit preflop only,
    // so we remember it, making use of advanced memory symbols
    WHEN Others me_st_MemFirstCallerPosition_FirstCallerPosition
    // Then continue with normal bot-logic
// After that we can detect a limp-raise like that
// (assuming, there are no other raisers in the pot)
WHEN LastRaiserPosition = me_re_MemFirstCallerPosition ...

Counting Outs

    WHEN (HaveNutFlushDraw AND HaveNutStraightDraw)
        // We already have 9 + 8 - 2 duplicates
        // Plus up to 6 undiscounted outs for Overcards
        // but some may be already counted for the flush
        // (if we want to make it extra good, we should check the colours
        // of our hole cards with OpenHoldems symbols $$ps0 and $$ps1)
        // The others should be discounted a bit
        WHEN (Overcards = 2) RETURN 18 FORCE
        WHEN (Overcards = 1) RETURN 16.5 FORCE
        WHEN (Overcards = 0) RETURN 15 FORCE
    WHEN (HaveNutFlushDraw) // AND NOT HaveNutStraightDraw
        WHEN (HaveInsideStraightDraw AND Overcards = 2)... 

Calling According To Odds And Outs

    WHEN betround = 2 RETURN 47 FORCE
    WHEN betround = 3 RETURN 46 FORCE
    // Drawing at other betrounds doesn’t make much sense
WHEN AmountToCall / (AmountToCall + PotSize) > f$Outs / f$CardsLeft Call FORCE

Playing Fit-Or-Fold Multiway

    WHEN HaveStraightDraw OR HaveFlushDraw RETURN True FORCE
    WHEN HaveInsideStraightDraw AND Overcards = 2 RETURN True FORCE
    WHEN HaveTopPair RETURN True FORCE
    WHEN HaveOverPair RETURN True FORCE
    WHEN HaveBestOverpairOrBetter RETURN True FORCE
WHEN Opponents >= 3 AND NOT (f$HaveTopPairOrBetter OR f$HaveStrongDraw)
    WHEN AmountToCall = 0 Check FORCE

Closing The Tables

WHEN issittingout
     AND elapsedauto > 300   // 5 minutes without action
     AND nopponentsseated < 4
Now it’s up to you. Let the fun begin!
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