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Hand And Board Expressions

Hand expressions

One of the most important decisions of the game happens preflop: shall I play this hand and how? This decision can be coded with the self-explanatory hand-expression, like in the example below:
WHEN hand$AA RaiseMax FORCE
WHEN hand$AQSuited OR hand$AJSuited RaiseTo 3 FORCE
WHEN hand$22 OR hand$33 OR hand$44... Call FORCE
AK does include both AKs and AKo. So if you want to play suited hands differently you should code them first, as OpenPPL gets evaluated top down. It will stop at the first condition that matches (evaluates to true). So always remember: strong hands first, exceptions first, bad hands later.

Coding For Specific Suits

If you want you can also code for specific suits, like an ace of diamonds in your hand. This is rarely necessary, but was used in the past (before real randomization was introduced to Standard PPL) to randomize actions.
WHEN hand$AcQd Or hand$JhTs ...
// Randomize your Action, the old way
WHEN hand$AdT RaiseTo 10 FORCE
But be careful with the code below:
WHEN hand$AKs...
It means: any ace and king of spades, but not AK suited

Board Expressions

A lot of the game also depends on the board cards. There are symbols like “HaveStraightDraw” or “FlushPossibleOnTurn“, but for some cases might not be concrete enough. Therefore it is possible to specify board-states similar to the above:
// Calling, if any ace is on the board
WHEN board$A Call FORCE
// Raising, if there is a low pair on board
WHEN board$22 OR board$33 OR board$44... RaiseTo 10 FORCE
// Raising, if there are A and T of the same suit
You see, this is pretty straightforward, but sometimes lots of code to write. If you want to create code that is easy to understand, easy to reuse and easy to maintain, then you should encapsulate expressions like the second one in functions (place it within its own function):
    WHEN board$22 OR board$33 OR board$44... RETURN TRUE
User-defined variables would also be possible, but they are not nearly as good as functions.
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