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Mathematical Expressions

Of course OpenPPL supports arbitary complex mathematical expressions. As an example let us consider odds and outs.
// Calling according to odds and outs
WHEN AmountToCall / (AmountToCall + PotSize) > Outs / CardsLeft Call FORCE
Off course this example is a bit simplistic. It does not consider other players in the pot, implied odds on future streets, the chance to semi-bluff, etc. But I think you get the point.
The following operators are supported:

Equality Operators

Operator Meaning Example Example explained
= equal StillToAct = 2 true, if you are on the button
!= not equal Position != First true, if you are not out of position
< smaller AmountToCall < 5 true, if there are less than 5 big blinds to call
> larger PotSize > 20 true, if the pot is larger than 20 big blinds
<= smaller or equal AmountToCall <= 5 true, if there are less than or equal to 5 big blinds to call
>= larger or equal PotSize >= 20 true, if the pot contains 20 or more big blinds

Logical Operators

The logical operators “and”, “or”, and “not” should be pretty self-explanatory.
Operator Example
Not WHEN (HaveNothing AND OpponentsLeft >= 2 AND NOT BotIsLastRaiser) Check FORCE
And WHEN (BotIsLastRaiser AND OpponentsLeft = 1 AND Bets = 0 And ... BetHalfPot FORCE)
XOr Meaning: either or, which is true, if exactly one of the operands is true, but not both
Or WHEN (hand$AA OR hand$KK) RaiseMax FORCE
Negation (Not) has highest priority of all operators, thereafter follow And, XOr and OR in decreasing order. So if you want to write an expression like
WHEN AmountToCall <= 4 AND (hand$22 OR hand$33...))
you have to throw in some extra brackets, otherwise the bot will call with 33 any bet and that is probably not what you want. More complicated expressions sometimes lead to confusion. If you have a problem with that you might want to revisit the basics of mathematical logic and the “Laws of De Morgan”.

Arithmetical Operators

OpenPPL also supports basic arithmetic. The usual rules apply of course. The percentage-operator has the same priority like multiplication and division, which is higher than addition, subtraction.
Operator Meaning Example
+ addition
- subtraction
* multiplication
/ division
% Percentage-operator WHEN (AmountToCall <= 50% PotSize) Call FORCE
Mod Modulus-operator

Bitwise Operators (for Experts)

Furthermore OpenPPL supports bitwise operations that work on all single bits of bit-vectors or binary numbers simultaneously. They are useful for very low-level-stuff like detecting which chairs are seated with OpenHoldem’s bitwise symbols (playersseatedbits, playersdealtbits, etc.). Most players won’t ever need these symbols, so we will only give you a link to a good explanation here: