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OpenPPL Symbols

Below you find a list of OpenPPL symbols. They are part of the OpenPPL function-library, which gets loaded automatically when you load OpenHoldem. Most of these symbols work exactly the same way as their PPL counterparts. Only very few differ, mostly for technical reasons, but some of them because we think it is better that way. These differences are documented of course. You will also find some new symbols, that are not part of standard PPL; some PokerTracker and stacksize symbols for example. However: we didn’t implement everything that is possible and desireable. More extensions are subject of the next chapter: “Building Symbols On Your Own”. Who knows: if you come up with some good code, reasonable naming and a good description your new symbols might become part of a future OpenPPL-release.
Please note that all oPPL symbols are case sensitive
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