LabView Analog Modulation


Owning Palette: Analog

Use the VIs on the Utilities palette to extract and visualize I/Q data information.

Palette Object Description
MT IQ to XY Graph

Formats I/Q data for plotting on a LabVIEW XY graph. This VI extracts the I and Q data into two arrays (X and Y, respectively), which are bundled into the I vs. Q graph cluster for display on a LabVIEW front panel graph. To place a formatted XY graph on your LabVIEW front panel, right-click the I vs. Q graph output terminal and select Create┬╗Indicator.

MT Get Complex IQ Component

Extracts the desired component from the IQ (complex) in parameter. I, Q, magnitude, and phase data are available for extraction. This VI returns a complex envelope in the CE component parameter that contains the t0, dt, and Y values for the chosen component.

MT Resample (Complex Cluster)

Specifies a complex-valued waveform and resamples and/or realigns it based on the input parameters that you specify.

MT Phase Locked Loop

Attempts to track the unknown phase of an input complex exponential tone by means of a feedback control system. At steady state, when the phase-locked loop (PLL) has acquired a lock to the input signal, the PLL estimates the offset of the input signal carrier phase and carrier frequency from the reference phase and frequency. The polymorphic instances of this VI accept either a complex baseband waveform or a real passband waveform.