NI-DAQmx C Functions


int32 DAQmxSetup1540Cal (uInt32 calHandle, const char channel[], float64 excitationVoltage, float64 excitationFreq);


Sets the SCXI-1540 module to the specified gain value. Calibration input/output points can be measured by supplying reference signals to the specified channel and measuring the outputs. Each of these points should be specified using the DAQmxAdjust1540Cal function.

Note The terminal where the module output is measured depends on the configuration of the module in MAX. National Instruments recommends cabling the module to the digitizer so that the output appears on the MCH0± pins of the rear signal connector. Refer to the module user manual for more information on the routing of module output.


Name Type Description
calHandle uInt32 A reference to the calibration session that you created using the DAQmxInitExtCal function.
channelName const char [] The physical channel to calibrate.
excitationVoltage float64 The RMS value of the internal AC excitation voltage.
excitationFreq float64 The frequency of the internal AC excitation voltage.

Return Value

Name Type Description
status int32 The error code returned by the function in the event of an error or warning. A value of 0 indicates success. A positive value indicates a warning. A negative value indicates an error.