NI-DAQmx C Functions


int32 DAQmxExportSignal (TaskHandle taskHandle, int32 signalID, const char outputTerminal[]);


Routes a control signal to the specified terminal. The output terminal can reside on the device that generates the control signal or on a different device. Use this function to share clocks and triggers between multiple tasks and devices. The routes created by this function are task-based routes.


Name Type Description
taskHandle TaskHandle The task used in this function.
signalID int32 The name of the trigger, clock, or event to export.
Value Description
DAQmx_Val_AIConvertClock Clock that causes an analog-to-digital conversion on an E Series or M Series device. One conversion corresponds to a single sample from one channel.
DAQmx_Val_10MHzRefClock Output of an oscillator that you can use to synchronize multiple devices.
DAQmx_Val_20MHzTimebaseClock Output of an oscillator that is the onboard source of the Master Timebase. Other timebases are derived from this clock.
DAQmx_Val_SampleClock Clock the device uses to time each sample.
DAQmx_Val_AdvanceTrigger Trigger that moves a switch to the next entry in a scan list.
DAQmx_Val_ReferenceTrigger Trigger that establishes the reference point between pretrigger and posttrigger samples.
DAQmx_Val_StartTrigger Trigger that begins a measurement or generation.
DAQmx_Val_AdvCmpltEvent Signal that a switch product generates after it both executes the command(s) in a scan list entry and waits for the settling time to elapse.
DAQmx_Val_AIHoldCmpltEvent Signal that an E Series or M Series device generates when the device latches analog input data (the ADC enters "hold" mode) and it is safe for any external switching hardware to remove the signal and replace it with the next signal. This event does not indicate the completion of the actual analog-to-digital conversion.
DAQmx_Val_CounterOutputEvent Signal that a counter generates. Each time the counter reaches terminal count, this signal toggles or pulses.
DAQmx_Val_ChangeDetectionEvent Signal that a static DIO device generates when the device detects a rising or falling edge on any of the lines or ports you selected when you configured change detection timing.
DAQmx_Val_WDTExpiredEvent Signal that a static DIO device generates when the watchdog timer expires.
outputTerminal const char [] The destination terminal of the exported signal.

Return Value

Name Type Description
status int32 The error code returned by the function in the event of an error or warning. A value of 0 indicates success. A positive value indicates a warning. A negative value indicates an error.