User Interface

Microchip External Memory Programmer

External Memory Programmer
User Interface

The menu bar can be used to load HEX files, exit the programmer, or launch the about window.
The tool bar button are used to load a Hex file, configure the communication medium and upload the HEX file.
The uploading HEX file edit box indicates the name of the HEX file to upload. Hovering over the file edit box will display the absolute path of the HEX file, provided one is loaded.
When uploading a HEX file, the current status will be display along with a progress bar. This can be used to indicate the amount of data that has been transferred.



The communication medium information displays the type of medium used, serial or USB and other details that relate to the medium being used. For serial communication, the communication port (COMM) will be displayed and the baud rate, data bits, parity and stop bits. For USB communication, the devices manufacturer and product strings are displayed.



External Memory Programmer
Version 2.3.2
Release: July, 2012
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