Trouble Shooting

Microchip External Memory Programmer

External Memory Programmer
Trouble Shooting

The following topics may be helpful when debugging the External Memory Programmer. 


Why doesn't the External Memory Programmer run when a double click on the memory_programmer.jar?
  1. Make sure that you have JRE 6 or higher installed on the host machine.
  2. Make sure that the JRE is associated with the jar extension.


Why can't I find the available serial port I need?

Make sure that you have the serial port available before selecting the communication settings. For example, if using a USB to serial connector, make sure it is plugged in and enumerated by the host before selecting the communication settings. 


Why doesn't the HEX file load with a select upload with serial communication?
  1. Make sure that the settings of the External Memory Programmer match the settings of the device.
  2. Make sure that the serial cable is correctly connected.


When running on a MAC, why do I see a "Port in Use Error" error?

When running the application on a MAC, the serial libraries need to have permission to lock the serial port. Without this permission, the library assumes that the serial port is in use by another application. If you are not certain that the serial library has lock permission, see the MAC: Lock File Permission section for details on how to accomplish this. 


Why can't I choose a serial port?

If the application's serial port selection window is disabled, the serial libraries where unable to be loaded.

  • Make sure that the memory_programmer.jar is located at the same directory level as the Serial Drivers directory.
  • Linux operating systems are not supported at this time.


Why can't the USB device be selected?
  1. Make sure that the device is enumerated. See USB Drivers for more information.
  2. Make sure that the device has the proper USB product and vender ID. See the USB descriptor of a MAL graphics demo External Memory for an example of the proper product and vender ID.
  3. Make sure that you have USB serial number. If using multiple devices, use a unique USB serial number for each device.


What if I lose communication with my target device?

If communication is lost, there is a timeout of 1.5 seconds along with a retry counter of 3. The communication status will show the retry count.

External Memory Programmer
Version 2.3.2
Release: July, 2012
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