Command Line Interface

Microchip External Memory Programmer

External Memory Programmer
Command Line Interface

The External Memory Programmer can be run through a command line interface. Passing arguments will determine if the GUI is launched or the command line interface is used. 


To run the External Memory Programmer GUI from the command line:

>java -jar "<MLA directory>/Microchip/Graphics/bin/memory_programmer/memory_programmer.jar"


To run the External Memory Programmer from the command line without launching the GUI:

>java -jar "<MLA directory>/Microchip/Graphics/bin/memory_programmer/memory_programmer.jar" <options>


where <options> are the command line options. 


Here is an example of some command line interface:

>java -jar "<MLA directory>/Microchip/Graphics/bin/memory_programmer/memory_programmer.jar" -I"input_file.hex" -C USB -PID 0xE30 -VID 0x4D8 -SN "mydevice"
All command line options and associated values must be separated by a space. If the value of the argument contains a space, it must be surrounded by quotes.

Input File (-I)
The input file to upload to the firmware. This file must be Intel HEX format.

Communication Medium (-C)
The type of communication medium used.
USB - USB Communication
SERIAL - Serial Communicaiton

USB Serial Number (-SN)
The serial number of the USB device. This is the serial number that is passed from the descriptor. The communication medium selected needs to be USB for this argument to be valid.... more 
External Memory Programmer
Version 2.3.2
Release: July, 2012
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