MProg Introduction


MProg Introduction
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MProg is an easy to use multiple device EEPROM programming utility for use with FTDI devices. Devices supported by the latest version of MProg are:

·FT232RL & FT232RQ  
·FT245RL & FT245RQ  
·FT2232D, FT2232C & FT2232L  
·FT232BM, FT232BL & FT232BQ  
·FT245BM, FT245BL & FT245BQ  

MProg is available as a free download from the
Utilities page of the FTDI website.

These devices support 93C46 EEPROMs organised in 16-bit words, except for the R series devices which have an internal EEPROM. The BM and C devices also support 93C56 and 93C66 EEPROMs organised in 16-bit words. When fitted, an external EEPROM allows customisation of the device default parameters such as
VID, PID, Serial Number, Manufacturer Descriptor and Product Descriptor. MProg provides a fast and simple way of programming these parameters.

A convenient way of programming the EEPROM is to use a blank device on the PCB during manufacturing assembly and program it via USB during the manufacturing test process. All these devices support direct programming over USB using a programming utility such as this one.