FT2232C Device Options


FT2232C Device Options
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The FT2232C incorporates all of the BM specific features described in the BM/C Device Specific Options section. It also has the following additional options which can be configured in the external EEPROM. These options will only be displayed when the device type in basic details is set to FT2232C.


·Each channel can be independently configured as FT232BM-style USB UART or a FT245BM-style USB FIFO.  

·Each channel can also be individually configured in Fast Opto-Isolated Serial Interface mode. See the FT2232C device datasheet (available from the Datasheets page of the FTDI website) for more information on these modes.  

·High Current I/O's. Setting this option will enable the high output drive level. The UART/FIFO IO pins will drive out at 12mA instead of their normal 4mA.  

·The driver that is installed and used by each channel can be set by selecting Virtual COM Port or D2XX Direct option (not currently supported).