IPFX Failover Server

To install a server as a Failover Server, follow the installation process described in the IPFX Technical Manual, but select the IPFX Failover (Backup) Server option in the installation wizard:

Screenshot Template

Choosing the IPFX Failover (Backup) Server option creates a registry entry that marks the server as a Failover Server. Subsequent service packs installed on the same system will be then be installed as Failover servers by default.

When the Failover Server starts up for the first time you will be prompted to enter a password for the Failover Server's database:

Screenshot Template

Enter a memorable and secure password. You must to enter the password twice for confirmation.

The main Failover Server screen appears.

Note: When setting up Failover Servers for Cisco CallManager, you will need to ensure that you configure a TSP on the Failover Server that is identical to the TSP used on the Primary Server.