Role of the Failover Server

IPFX Failover Server

Role of the Failover Server

A Failover Server monitors the status of one or more live IPFX Servers.

The monitored IPFX Servers may exist at any location allowed by the network topology. In the case of IPFX Director, the monitored servers must exist reside within the same IP Subnet/Layer 2 VLAN as the Failover Server. This restriction does not apply to IPFX for CallManager and IPFX for NEC Servers.

If a monitored IPFX Server (hereafter referred to the Primary Server fails, the Failover Server takes over the Primary Server's role. The Failover Server can only stand in for one IPFX Server at a time.

For the purpose of failover, an IPFX server is considered to have failed if it can no longer respond to ping requests over the network. This situation can arise from power interruptions, network card failures, or other network-related problems.

Note: If telephony applications cease to run on a particular Primary Server, but that Server remains responsive to ping requests, then the Failover Server will not recognize that the Primary Server is unavailable and will not take over from it.

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