Directory Window Popup Menu


Directory Window Popup Menu
Directory Window popup menu offers following commands:

OpenOpens the selected files.
Open AsOpens the selected files with encoding option.
Shell OpenRuns the selected files or opens them with the system default program.
Shell MenuShows shell context menu of the selected item.
View in BrowserLoads the file in the Directory Window into the web browser.
Insert As TagInserts the file location as HTML tag.
Add to ProjectAdds current file or directory to current project.
UploadUploads the selected files.
RefreshRefreshes the content of the directory window.
PropertiesDisplays the file's properties in the Directory Window.
Show Mapped Drive NamesDisplays mapped drive names.
Show Current Folder OnlyShow current folder path only (old style).
Locate FileShows the active document in the Directory Window.
Sync DirectorySyncs directory window to current document.
Change DirectoryChanges current directory of the Directory Window.
Find in DirectorySearches for a string in selected directory.
File Name SearchSearches a file name in current directory structure.
CreateCreates a new file or directory on the Directory Window.
RenameChanges the name of selected file or directory.
Copy to LocalCopies the selected item to the local folder you choose.
DeleteDeletes selected files or directories.
FloatMakes the Directory Window a floating window.
HideHides the Side Panel.
LocationSets the Document Tabs, Side Panel options.
Recent DirectoriesGoes to last directory you worked in.