File menu commands


File menu commands
The File menu offers the following commands:

NewCreates a new document.
New > Normal TextCreates a new normal document.
New > HTMLCreates a new HTML document.
New > Browser WindowCreates a new Browser window.
New > Configure TemplatesAdds or removes document templates.
New > Document TemplateCreates a new document using document template.
OpenOpens an existing document.
CloseCloses an opened document.
Close AllCloses all document windows.
SaveSaves an opened document using the same filename.
Save AllSaves all documents.
Save AsSaves an opened document to a specified file name.
PrintPrints a document.
Print PreviewDisplays the document on the screen as it would appear printed.
Print Others > Print SetupSelects a printer and printer connection.
Print Others > Print DirectPrints the active document directly.
Print Others > Print AllPrints all open documents.
FTP > FTP UploadUploads file to FTP server.
FTP > Upload AllUploads all open files to FTP server.
FTP > Open RemoteOpens an existing document from FTP server.
FTP > Save As RemoteSaves the active document as a remote FTP file.
FTP > FTP SettingsSets the FTP account information.
FTP > DisconnectCloses all FTP connections.
Git/SVN > UpdateRuns SVN Update on current file.
Git/SVN > CommitRuns SVN Commit on current file.
Git/SVN > Show LogRuns SVN Log on current file.
Git/SVN > DiffRuns SVN Diff on current file with previous version.
Git/SVN > CheckoutRuns SVN Checkout on current directory.
Git/SVN > Compare FilesCompares open files.
Git/SVN > Update DirRuns SVN Update on current file directory.
Git/SVN > Commit DirRuns SVN Commit on current file directory.
Git/SVN > Show Log DirRuns SVN Log on current file directory.
Git/SVN > Use TortoiseGitUses TortoiseGit for version control commands.
Git/SVN > Use TortoiseSVNUses TortoiseSVN for version control commands.
Others > Open HeaderOpens the header file of the C/C++ file.
Others > Go to FileOpens selection or jumps to a file using output window pattern.
Others > Close OthersCloses all open documents except the current one.
Others > RenameRenames current file.
Others > Save Copy AsCopies current file as a new name.
Others > Copy NameCopies current file path to the clipboard.
Others > Send MailSends the document through e-mail.
Others > Lock FilesProtects open files from modified by other applications.
Others > Reload AllReloads all open documents from the disk.
Others > Export WorkspaceSaves current workspace as an INI file.
Others > Import WorkspaceLoads a workspace INI file and imports to current workspace.
Others > Exit without WorkspaceQuits the application without saving workspace.
Others > Delete FileDeletes the active document file.
Others > PropertiesDisplays the file's properties.
Recent FilesOpens last documents you closed.
Clear Recent Files ListClears the Recent Files list items.
More Recent FilesShows list of more recent files.
Save & ExitSaves all documents and quits the application.
ExitExits EditPlus.