Tools menu commands


Tools menu commands
The Tools menu offers the following commands:

PreferencesSets preferences.
Set DirectoriesSets the directory to store the configuration files).
Spell CheckChecks spelling in current document.
SortSorts the document or the selected text.
SumCalculates sum of selected numbers
Text to Speech > Start/End SpeechStarts or ends Text to Speech on selected text.
Text to Speech > Pause/ResumePauses or resumes the Text to Speech.
Record > Record KeystrokesStarts and stops the keystroke recording.
Record > Export RecordingSaves recorded keystrokes into external file.
Record > Import RecordingLoads saved keystroke recording file.
Record > Playback MultiplePlays back the recorded keystrokes multiple times.
Record > Playback RecordingPlays back the recorded keystrokes.
Configure User ToolsAdds or removes user tools.
User Tool GroupsSelects User Tool Group.
User Tool Groups > Enable Auto Run GroupsTurns on the Auto Run user tool groups.
User ToolsRuns user tools.