Document menu commands


Document menu commands
The Document menu offers the following commands:

Word-wrapToggles the word wrap feature of the active document.
Auto IndentToggles the auto-indent feature of the active document.
Auto CompletionToggles the auto completion feature of the active document.
Word-warp OptionsSets the word wrap options.
Tab/IndentSets the tab and indent options.
Function PatternSets the function pattern option.
Column Marker > Set Column MarkerSets column markers.
Column Marker > Show Column MarkerShows or hides the column markers.
Column Marker > Next Column MarkerGoes to the next column marker position.
Column Marker > Prev Column MarkerGoes to the previous column marker position.
File Format (CR/LF) > Change File FormatSets the file format of the active document.
File Format (CR/LF) > File Format MultipleSets the file format of one or more documents.
File Type > Change File TypeChanges file type of current document.
File Type > Refresh STX/ACPRefreshes syntax file and auto completion file.
File Encoding > Convert EncodingConverts encoding of current document.
File Encoding > Convert Encoding MultipleConverts encoding of multiple documents.
Monitor ClipboardMonitors and insert the changed contents of clipboard.
Log File WatchMonitors and reloads file changes automatically.
Set Read-OnlySets current document read-only.
ReloadReloads current document from the disk file.
Reload AsReloads current document from the disk file using different encoding.
Permanent SettingsSets permanent settings.