View menu commands


View menu commands
The View menu offers the following commands:

Toolbars/Views > ToolbarShows or hides the toolbar.
Toolbars/Views > User ToolbarShows or hides the user toolbar.
Toolbars/Views > HTML ToolbarShows or hides the HTML toolbar.
Toolbars/Views > Browser ToolbarShows or hides the Browser toolbar.
Toolbars/Views > Status BarShows or hides the status bar.
Toolbars/Views > Cliptext WindowShows or hides the Cliptext window.
Toolbars/Views > Output WindowShows or hides the output window.
Toolbars/Views > Directory WindowShows or hides the Directory Window.
Toolbars/Views > Document TabsShows or hides the Document Tabs.
Toolbars/Views > Function ListShows or hides the Function List.
Toolbars/Views > Go to Side PanelSwitches the focus between the Side Panel and the document.
Toolbars/Views > Go to Output WindowSwitches the focus between the output window and the document.
Toolbars/Views > Go to Drive ListShows the list of disk drives and FTP servers.
Toolbars/Views > Go to Custom FilterSpecifies custom file filter for Directory Window.
Screen FontSelects the screen font.
Screen Font > Larger Font SizeSelects larger font size.
Screen Font > Smaller Font SizeSelects smaller font size.
Screen Font > Zoom with Ctrl+WheelAllows changing font size with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel.
Screen Font > Set FontConfigures font settings.
Printer Font > Mirror Screen FontMake printer font follow screen font regardless of the printer font settings.
Printer Font > Set Printer FontSets the printer font.
URL HighlightingHighlights URLs and e-mail addresses.
Syntax HighlightingEnables the syntax highlighting.
Word HighlightingHighlights all occurrences of selected word.
Brace HighlightingHighlights matching braces.
Cursor IndicatorShows or hides cursor indicators.
RulerShows or hides the ruler.
Line NumberShows or hides the line number.
Indent GuideShows or hides the indent guide.
White Spaces > TabsShows or hides tab marks.
White Spaces > SpacesShows or hides space marks.
White Spaces > Line BreakShows or hides line break marks.
White Spaces > AllShows or hides all white spaces.
Code Folding > Use Code FoldingTurns on or off the code folding feature.
Code Folding > CollapseCollapses the current part of the code.
Code Folding > ExpandExpands current folded line.
Code Folding > Toggle FoldingToggles the folding state of current line.
Code Folding > Collapse One LevelCollapses the entire code one level.
Code Folding > Expand One LevelExpands the entire code one level.
Code Folding > Collapse AllCollapses all indented text.
Code Folding > Expand AllExpands all folded text.
Full ScreenToggles the full screen mode on and off.
View in Browser > Browser 1Loads the active document into the web browser 1.
View in Browser > Browser 2Loads the active document into the web browser 2.
View in Browser > Browser 3Loads the active document into the web browser 3.
View in Browser > Browser 4Loads the active document into the web browser 4.