Other Features


Other Features
Column selection
    You can select text by column using Alt + mouse drag. This feature is not available in word-wrap mode.
Multiple settings
    You can add or remove file types and specify different options for each file types. For example, you can set word-wrap feature off in a plain text file and turn it on automatically when you load an HTML document. You can specify multiple settings in Settings & Syntax page of the Preferences dialog box.
Edit large files
    Unlike Windows' built-in Notepad, it can handle large text files. The file size is only limited by the amount of free system memory.
Powerful undo/redo
    EditPlus allows multiple undo/redo, so you can safely cancel any typing error.
Word wrap
    Word-wrap feature helps to edit long lines more conveniently. You can turn on/off word-wrap feature through Word Wrap command on Document menu.
Line number
    Line numbers can improve readability of HTML documents and program source codes. You can show or hide line number through Line Number command on View menu.
    Ruler improves readability and helps you find the cursor location quickly. You can show or hide ruler through Ruler command of View menu.
'Drag and drop' editing
    EditPlus supports OLE 'drag and drop' editing which is more efficient than clipboard commands. You can also drag and drop text between Cliptext window and the document.
Powerful search and replace
    EditPlus supports powerful search and replace command which can handle Regular Expressions. EditPlus also supports Find in Files command so you can search text in multiple files. You can also set markers at a specific line and go to the marker quickly from any part of the document. See Search menu commands for more details.
Spell checker
    EditPlus supports spell checker so you can correct typing errors in your document easily. Currently, only English dictionary is supported.
Splitter window
    EditPlus allows user to divide the document window into several panes and edit different part of the file concurrently. To divide current document, run Split command on Window menu.
Keystroke recording
    You can record keystrokes and playback it later. Use Record Keystrokes command on Tools menu.
Customizable hotkeys
    You can customize hotkeys of all commands of EditPlus. See Keyboard page of the Preferences dialog box.
Monitor clipboard
    This option can speed up repeated cut-and-paste operations. Any text that is copied or cut to clipboard will automatically be appended to current document. See Monitor Clipboard command.
Column Marker
    Column marker is a vertical line which indicates specific column location. Column marker can be useful for column-oriented programming languages such as COBOL or FORTRAN. See Column Marker command.