1 3 11 LSIPARTCRT Partition Initialization

Deploy LANSA Applications on IBM i

1.3.11 LSIPARTCRT – Partition Initialization

The LSIPARTCRT command creates a partition on an existing LANSA system. The new partition definition is based on an existing partition in the nominated LANSA system.



 LSIPARTCRT ------- PGMLIB ---------- library name ----------------> 


               >--- PARTITION ------- partition id ----------------> 


               >--- TEXT  ----------- description -----------------> 


               >--- MODLIB ---------- *DFT ------------------------> 

                                       library name 


               >--- DFTFILELIB ------ *MODLIB ---------------------> 

                                      library name 


               >--- FRMPART --------- SYS -------------------------> 

                                       partition id


               >--- RDMLX ----------- NO --------------------------| 





Enter the program library associated with the LANSA system where the new partition is to be created.


A three letter partition identifier. For example, PRD.


A description for the new partition.


The module library for the new partition. The library nominated must not already exist on the system.

The default value, *DFT, is derived using the partition identifier as a prefix and the suffix MODLIB. For example, PRDMODLIB.


The data library for the new partition.

The default value, *MODLIB, uses the module library parameter.


Nominate an existing partition to use as the basis for the new partition. The default value is SYS.
SYS - Multilingual


Indicate if the partition should be enabled for RDMLX. The default value is NO.


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