What Type of Deployment

Deploy LANSA Applications on IBM i

What Type of Deployment?

1.  If your applications are for a single or limited use, typically deployed within your own organisation, then this guide doesn't apply to you. For this type of deployment you would:

  • Install LANSA on each IBM i server (if necessary), using a standard LANSA installation as described in the Installing LANSA on IBM i Guide.
  • Deploy your application using the standard export / import.

2.  If you are deploying commercial packaged applications to remote locations or even deploying an application within a large organisation, you would:

  • Create a custom install program that installs the LANSA run-time and your specific application components, including, potentially, non-LANSA components. To do this, you would make use of the silent install commands and guidelines in this guide.


   To support a Silent Installation, LANSA delivers:

  • A set of commands, The LSI* Commands, to support installation, upgrade and modification of a LANSA system.
  • Examples of how to create QINSTAPP, an install program.
  • Guidelines for creating an installation DVD.


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