1 3 The LSI Commands

Deploy LANSA Applications on IBM i

1.3 The LSI* Commands

LANSA supplies a specialized set of commands to support the automated installation and upgrade of LANSA products and the installation of LANSA-written applications.

This allows a CL program to be written to encapsulate the installation and/or upgrade of LANSA products and importing of a LANSA application.

Following is the list of commands that are provided to support the silent installation or upgrade of LANSA and LANSA based applications:

1.3.1 LSISETUP - LANSA Setup

Create work environment – must be run before other commands

1.3.2 LSIINSTALL - LANSA for i Installation

Install LANSA for i

1.3.3 LSIUPDATE - LANSA for i Update

Upgrade LANSA for i

1.3.4 LSIWEBINS - LANSA for the Web Installation

Install LANSA for the Web

1.3.5 LSIINTINS - LANSA Integrator Installation

Install LANSA Integrator

1.3.6 LSIINTUPD - LANSA Integrator Upgrade

Upgrade LANSA Integrator

1.3.7 LSIWSVINS - LANSA for the Web Web Server Installation

Install LANSA for the Web Web Server

1.3.8 LSIWSVUPD - LANSA for the Web Web Server Upgrade

Upgrade LANSA for the Web Web Server

1.3.9 LSIOSUINS - Open System Utilities Installation

Install Open System Utilities

1.3.10 LSIIMPORT - LANSA Import

Import shipped LANSA save file

1.3.11 LSIPARTCRT – Partition Initialization

Partition Initialization

1.3.12 LSICLEANUP - LANSA Cleanup

Clean-up work environment – must run after install or upgrade set


All commands validate the command parameters, send appropriate messages to the program message queue and return a status code indicating the success or otherwise of the requested action. Any messages can be picked up programmatically.

Most of the parameters you would be able to set in a custom installation are available on the new install and upgrade commands.

The install commands will create the appropriate LANSA data areas, as is done in a normal Custom install. Any upgrade commands will refer to and update these LANSA data areas accordingly.

Ý 1. How to Create a Silent Install