1 4 1 Create an Install Image

Deploy LANSA Applications on IBM i

1.4.1 Create an Install "Image"

In addition to writing the QINSTAPP program, you need to create a DVD containing the program and any supporting objects. To distribute the program on an optical device, do the following:

1.  Prepare the DVD (INZOPT).

2.  Use the Create Duplicate Object (CRTDUPOBJ) command to create the QINSTAPP program into the QTEMP library. 

3.  Use the Save Object (SAVOBJ) command to save the QINSTAPP program from QTEMP to the optical device.

     Use the Save Object (SAVOBJ), Save Library (SAVLIB), or Save License Program (SAVLICPGM) command to save any other necessary applications, programs or libraries to the DVD.

Ý 1.4 Create an Application Install DVD