1 4 3 What to include on your installation DVD

Deploy LANSA Applications on IBM i

1.4.3 What to include on your installation DVD

Some of the libraries and objects supplied on the LANSA installation DVD must be included on your own application installation DVD.

What you must include

  • The /as400 directory must exist on your installation DVD to use the LSI* command set.
  • The /epci/epcload directory must exist on your Installation DVD.
  • Always include the legal.htm document from the LANSA install DVD.

Other things you may want to include

  • LANSA documentation or a link to the LANSA documentation at http://www.lansa.com.au/support/docs/index.htm

Considerations when creating your installation DVD

  • Do you need multilingual support?  What languages?

     Only include the French and Japanese objects from the LANSA installation DVD if these languages are supported by your application. (Removing them will significantly reduce the size of the install image.)

  • What LANSA products do you need to install?
  • Do you have licenses for LANSA Products to distribute with the DVD?
  • What LANSA imports do you need to support your application?

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